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  1. 9 years ago


    21 Jan 2008 Administrator

    Hi I am Danoz one of the site founders.

    I am from Sydney and mainly surf the Northern Beaches, sometimes I travel to the Central Coast and have a surf with my uncle up at Wamberal. I have surfed for as long as i can remember although lately I have been fairly busy and just find it hard to get down the beach for a wave daily, so generally at the moment I hit the waves on a weekend or an afternoon when i get the chance.

    Oh I am 23 and currently studying a degree at Uni. I think that about covers it for now.

    Thought this could help break the ice.

    Let us know where you are from, how you found the site. Anything you care to add about yourself please do so.

    Welcome and Enjoy the time at SurfAus

    Thanks :D


  2. ANZAC

    11 May 2008 Verified

    Hi Im Anzac.
    Early days here it seems.
    Im from the "Gong". I surf the Nth Beaches a bit too. Mums out at Mona Vale and I surf Bungn and Mona Vale a bit.
    I my own boss at the moment. I buy and sell (anything and everything).
    I surf every day, when there are waves.
    I found this site thru a link from SL.

    Anyway nuf said for now.... see how things go.

  3. hey im shane,
    im a bodyboarder who surfs places around wollongong...
    i surf when ever i have time and when there is some waves.
    i still go to school, which sucks, and i play footy so im not always out,
    i found the site through my step dad

    anyways, cya l8r people

  4. DaneAU

    11 May 2008 Administrator

    Bungan is an awesome break. One of my parents lives just over the hill from it in Newport. If you have surfed there at all over the last 10 years you more than likely have seen me, I used to spend every afternoon until dark in the waves at either Whaley, Newport or Bungan :)

    I found this site thru a link from SL.

    What does SL stand for btw

    Welcome to both of you thanks for taking the time to sign up. Share anything and everything you feel like with us :)

    If there is any suggestions you think of let us know in the feedback forum


  5. ANZAC

    11 May 2008 Verified

    Sorry ASL. Australian Surfinglife

  6. DaneAU

    11 May 2008 Administrator

    Really? there was a link to us in there. What kind of link was it, that's pretty dam cool :)

  7. ANZAC

    14 May 2008 Verified

    Danoz;112 Really? there was a link to us in there. What kind of link was it, that's pretty dam cool :)

    someone posted a video of the billabong pro and there was referance to this site and a link. Ill try and find how i found it.

  8. DaneAU

    14 May 2008 Administrator

    Interesting, we never asked for it so that is really nice to hear :D

  9. GG85

    10 Sep 2008 Verified

    ok I introduce myself. My name is Jérome, I'm 19 and I studding geographie (in second year) in the reunion island university (O yes, I'm french, and my english is not perfect sorry :()
    I live in the south of reunion island (in the indian ocean near madagascar^^), it's a very beautifull island, with a lots of surf spots.
    I surf 3 or 4 days during week, so I will try to post regulary reports of my sessions (with photos).
    I register on your site because in 1 or 2 years I will live for few month in australia, for learn English and surf your spots!

    I'm really sorry for my English

  10. DaneAU

    12 Sep 2008 Administrator

    Man what a place to live thats for sure :)

    Nice to have someone from the other side of the world here, as for the english - its quite good so don't worry about it :P.

    If you want to see some pictures, check out the gallery section mate

  11. jkiss

    15 Oct 2008 Verified

    My name is Joe and I'm from Melbourne . I'm 47 years old and just bought a mini mal board.I going to share the board with my sons 13 and 16 . I'm sorry for my grammar but I'm Hungarian. My main interest would be how to transport the board on the top of the car . I have no roof racks and we travel to Pambula .Could you please help me where can I get some information on this subject.
    Regards Joe

  12. DaneAU

    15 Oct 2008 Administrator

    Hey Joe and welcome to surfaus.

    Good to see you're getting into surfing :) As for the transportation... The easiest way its probably roof racks... at BigW or Kmart you could pick up a cheapish set for around 30 bucks and getting some okkey straps or some other form of tie to secure your board... I have seen some other types of racks (soft staps) which have some strapping that loops around the car (over the roof and then comes in above the doors and through the interior roof... I am a bit sceptical of these for Malibu's.... Best thing to do would be to head down to your local autobarn or supercheap auto (look in the yellow pages) and have a look around at those sorts of thing, personally I would go roof racks.

    One thing i will say is, your Malibu will (might) get damaged on the roof from the strapping and pressure of holding it down, so i would definately invest in a board cover (not one of the silver more expensive ones) but one of the soft bags (usually have a stripped appearance) as they do the job, prevent wax from getting on your car and protect the board whilst travelling and storing at home, although if a brick or heavy object were to come in contact with it, it really would not do to much, however for small impacts its perfect and quite all right to protect your Malibu on the way to the surf :)

  13. Hi I'm JJ. I've just started surfing and I love it!

  14. DaneAU

    24 Oct 2008 Administrator

    Hey and welcome JJ to the forums :)

    Glad to hear you have started surfing :D

    I take it from your other post you surf Newcastle NSW ?

  15. Russ

    4 Nov 2008 Verified

    hey im russell im 19 and im from victoria where its always cold and horrible!

    iv been surfing sicne i was 15 and and i still think its the most awesome stuff ever.

    (and yeah im a girl even though my name doesnt say it!)

  16. DaneAU

    4 Nov 2008 Administrator

    hahaha no worries nice to meet you russ :)

    welcome to the site

  17. tbar

    14 Dec 2008 Verified

    Hi I'm Terry
    I'm at Caloundra Sunshine Coast. Been teaching my kids 6, 8 & 9 to surf the last few months and am getting back on a board myself after a 28 year absence. Why the wait? Someone stole my board in 1980 and I never got around to replacing it.

  18. DaneAU

    15 Dec 2008 Administrator

    Hey welcome Terry, definitely a good idea. Would be great fun surfing with the kids to :)

    ps : welcome to the site

  19. 8 years ago


    22 Dec 2008 Verified

    Hi im Bishop from Victoria, i surf the mornington peninsula mainly gunnamatta and point leo.
    Anyone local??

  20. DaneAU

    22 Dec 2008 Administrator

    Hey and Welcome Bishop - there might be some locals not sure - perhaps post some pics or a small blur about your surfing grounds to see if anyone is from around there :)

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