What are you listening to?

  1. 9 years ago


    24 Jan 2008 Administrator

    Post whatever music your listening to either today, this week... now etc... :D

    The Gorillaz


  2. [deleted]

    24 Jan 2008

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  3. DaneAU

    11 May 2008 Administrator

    Queens of the Stonage - Tangled up in plaid

  4. 8 years ago


    6 Jan 2009 Verified

    Bullet for my valentine.

  5. Nirvana - Smells like teen spirit

  6. Justin;255 Nirvana - Smells like teen spirit

    Bloody wicked track...

    Currently listening to Lost Control by one of the best Aussie bands ever...Grinners [Grinspoon]

  7. DaneAU

    11 Jan 2009 Administrator

    The Mars Volta - Amputecture ;)

  8. lowyoyo

    29 Jan 2009 Verified

    captain beefheart - circumstances

  9. DaneAU

    29 Jan 2009 Administrator

    Chemical Brothers - Hey boy hey girl

  10. pink floyd - wish you were here

  11. DaneAU

    3 Feb 2009 Administrator

    Oh nice choice of song mate, love Floyd

  12. DaneAU

    20 Sep 2009 Administrator

    breaking benjamin - the diary of jane

  13. 7 years ago


    16 Dec 2009 Verified

    Linkin Park - In the end
    love that song!

  14. DaneAU

    18 Dec 2009 Administrator

    yea i do to, have not listened to it in ages

  15. Its a different language song im listening to... Its A.R. rahmans music though....

  16. DaneAU

    5 Jan 2010 Administrator

    Interesting, a mate put me on to some good American Indian music, even though it makes no sense it still sounds good. Can't seem to find it but will and when i do will let you know.

    Perl Jam - Daughter, good old iTunes + shuffle

    Oh btw, anyone use bandit.fm ? I saw the pre-payed cards in the servo and was thinking of buying one to try, if you do use it ~ does it come as a .mp3 or some other restricted file format ?

  17. Stigmata... I love rock songs when im upset..

  18. DaneAU

    22 Jan 2010 Administrator

    yea they do cheer you up, got nothing on at the moment but will in about half an hour.

  19. creator

    17 Feb 2010 Verified

    I am listening to a different language pop song... I love that...

  20. cookist

    22 Mar 2010 Verified


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